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194th Regional Support Wing
194th Regional Support Wing

The Washington Air National Guard's 194th Regional Support Wing is headquartered at Camp Murray and consists of over 1,000 citizen airmen. Their mission sets involve both kinetic and non-kinetic operations and include sensitive missions that reside in the cyber domain. The 194th's cutting edge capabilities are well-suited to the threats our nation faces in the 21st Century.

194th Regional Support Wing

Officially formed in 2006, the 194th Regional Support Wing was the Air National Guard's first-ever non-flying operational wing and it is currently the Guard's newest wing. Consisting of 1,012 dedicated Airmen serving the nation and Washington State, the 194 RSW provides a diverse array of transformational capabilities that are critical to fighting and winning in overseas contingency operations around the world, and has a multitude of elite and distinctive career options. As Washington Air National Guardsmen, we are citizen-Airmen who have the unique opportunity to both defend our freedom overseas and to provide safety and security in any emergency that may arise back home.

194th Intelligence Squadron

Intelligence SquadronThe newest addition to the Wing, the 194 IS provides tailored target and geospatial intelligence to the Air Component to enable precision engagement and effective operations. Providing Aimpoint Development, Precise Point Mensuration, Weaponeering, and Collateral Damage Assessment, the 194 IS has quickly become one of the premier combat targeting intelligence units in the nation.

248th Civil Engineer Flight

248th Civil Engineer FlightThe 248 CEF performs the wartime tasks of Operational Planning, Engineering Management, Command and Control, Expeditionary Site Planning and Reporting, as well as maintaining expertise in technical design and construction management. Locally, the 248 CEF provides engineering and management expertise to JFHQ WA ANG in times of contingencies or natural disasters.

116th Weather Flight

The 116th Weather Flight provides meteorological support to US Army forces operating in the field and under combat conditions, to Aerospace Expeditionary Forces, to state emergency missions 116th Weather Flightand to homeland defense. Traditionally aligned with the 81st Combat Brigade Team and the 66th Aviation Brigade, WA Army National Guard, the 116th Weather Flight has earned 6 unit awards and 16 individual Decorations for deployments since September 11, 2001.

194th Air Support Operation Group

194th Air Support Operations GroupThe 194 ASOG provides oversight and support of 8 assigned Air Support Operation Squadrons located in 7 states. The experts of the ASOG staff provide advice and Staff Assistance Visits to better prepare units for command-level inspections. Additionally, the ASOG develops and distributes plans, programs, and best practices to aligned units, building a stronger Air National Guard Tactical Air Control Party community.

111th Air Support Operations Squadron

111th Air Support Operations SquadronThe mission of the 111 ASOS is to act as the Communications and Coordination link between the Army ground Commander and Air Force combat assets. The ASOS performs this function by accepting requests for close air support from lower-echelon, joint-service units, and coordinating those requests with the senior Army maneuver element, joint-service artillery and other combat assets. The 111th 111th Air Support Operations Squadrondeploys to battlefield forward areas and supports multiple services in providing close air support and acts as a liaison between Air Force and Army elements.

116th Air Support Operations Squadron

116th Air Support Operations SquadronProviding Joint Terminal Attack Controllers who support two ARNG Brigades and one Division, the 116 ASOS acts as the furthest extension of Air Force influence on the Army's battlefield. Members also train to deploy into combat with Special 116th Air Support Operations SquadronOperations teams. These Tactical Air Control Party members are close air support experts, advising ground commanders on the use of Air Force assets in combat. JTACs serve as forward air controllers, winning battles by guiding weapons onto target.

252d Combat Communications Group

Combat Communications provides mobile communication capabilities at home during state emergencies and while deployed around the world. A wide range of exciting electronics-based career opportunities exist working with Satellite, Radio and other land mobile communications systems. Also, 252d Combat Communications Groupthere are multiple opportunities in the network management or administration career fields. There are two units at Camp Murray and two at Fairchild AFB.

215th Engineer Installation Squadron

215th Engineer Installation SquadronLocated in Everett, the 215 EIS deploys worldwide to fulfill its mission to engineer, install, remove, and relocate C4I information systems and infrastructure such as antennas, cabling, radios, navigational aids, and meteorological equipment. Positions include electronics and cable/antenna installations specialists, CADD technicians, engineers, vehicle maintenance, supply and administrative support. Recent deployments include Alaska, Hawaii, Curacao, Italy, Hurricane Katrina, and Operations ENDURING and IRAQI FREEDOM.

262d Network Warfare Squadron

Nationally recognized as a Cyber Warfare leader,262d Network Warfare Squadron the 262 NWS conducts worldwide network security operations to improve the DoD Global Information Grid and the Air Force's network security posture. Recent high-level assessments include the White House Communications Agency, US Central Command, Space Command and European Command. They also participate in on-going responses to Air Force and DoD cyber incidents--all amidst an increasing number of federal and state directed assessments.

194th Mission Support Group

194th Mission Support GroupThe 194 MSG provides a diverse range of support that benefits every unit in the Wing. From operating and maintaining IT infrastructure to preparing deploying Airmen for combat to maintaining vehicles for both state and federal missions, the MSG offers vital support on a daily basis. Functions include Combat Arms Training and Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, Base Communications, Logistics Readiness, and Base Supply.

194th Force Support Flight

194th Force Support FlightThe 194 FSF provides teams uniquely qualified to perform personnel support during national, expeditionary, and state contingency operations. The FSF provides Commanders and the Joint Operations Center with Total Force accountability, deployment planning and execution, manning documents, casualty response, and base services support. Steady state operations include providing support in readiness, services, education and training, and customer service for over 1,000 members in the ANG.

194th Medical Group

194th Medical GroupThe 194 MDG serves a variety of different medical missions. Prepared to support Air Expeditionary Forces and State-Directed Missions through individual and unit readiness, members of the MDG also support Homeland Defense Operations, and provide comprehensive Aerospace Medicine. Additionally, the MDG provides Medical Administration, Public Health, Dental, and Bioenvironmental Engineering services in support of Wing readiness. The MDG also gets involved with state partnerships such as humanitarian and education efforts.

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